Sleeklens Review: A Through the Woods Workflow(Lr)

This is a review of Lightroom Workflow from Sleeklens. Recently, I was contacted by their marketing team. They asked me to review their Lightroom or Photoshop workflow and offered me any workflow of my choice from their website. While going through their options, Through the Woods, grabbed my attention. So, here I am giving my honest opinion.

I have never been a fan of Workflows and hence never went looking out for them. But when Sleeklens offered me their Workflow I was like, "Let's try, no harm in trying".

I used their Workflow while editing my personal pictures of recent trip to Goa,India. To my surprise, I loved most of their All-in-one Workflow specifically Dawn Rising, Shine into the Sunset, and The Real Teal. They were also in sync with my personal style of editing. Well for the other Workflows in the package, I never really had to use them. Plus, I like using my sliders better.

Below, I have used All-in-One Heavenly Warmth.

Here, I have used All-in-one Calm Sunset & Shine into Sunset.

And, All-in-One Shine into Sunset.

Some Samples

Sleeklens has some interesting Collection of Workflow & Brushes. They have Workflow for both Lightroom and Photoshop(Action), Some are definitely worth checking for photographers who would like to reduce their editing time. Dont forget to check Sleeklens Blog. They do have some interesting blogs, you might learn a thing or two.