How to prepare for a photoshoot

This is a small Set of General Advice for Clients to get the most out of your photo shoot. These will have great impact on the resulting photos. We've taken the time to put together a list of suggestions and advice to share with you. I will start with the saying Plenty of Rest and Hydration is the best preparation for any photo shoot.

Hair - Haircut should be done a week or so, before the shoot date. In case, if it goes wrong (You Know). And men, a fresh hair cut a couple of days before the shoot will be fine.

Hair Accessories - If shooting outdoors, be ready to put your hair up and make it look good in case of a windy/breezy day. Keep in handy hair clips, headbands or any other accessories.

Facial hair - For Men, be freshly shaved with preferably a new razor and a moisturizing after-shave to avoid rashes and redness. Trim your sideburns, moustache or goatee, don't forget those stray hairs. Ladies, if you have some light facial hair, wax in advance of your shoot. Even barely visible light facial hair will be noticeable in portraits. Pluck and clean up those eyebrows. For men, all facial hair should be groomed.

Make-up - You want to achieve a natural even skin tone, and be sure to cover blemishes. Make sure you know what you’re doing, A subtle application of make-up can really soften your skin and accent your facial features. And make sure it matches your skin tone. Equally important, don’t cake on a lot of make-up to try to hide blemishes, it’s easier to Photoshop away pimples than to clean up overdone make-up. For Nail, Pick a neutral colour that won’t distract/ clash with your outfit. Fingers and toes should be clean and groomed. For Lips, wear tried out lipstick colours and bring lip gloss for photo shoot.

Moisturizer - Dry skin can really be diminishing from a great photo shoot. Start moisturizing nightly, a week in advance of your shoot. For us men, of course, are most in need of this advice, especially around the face and hands.

Glasses - Get an Anti-glare glasses or you can wear your contact lenses. As regular glasses reflect flash/light which is bad for the image and your eyes wont be visible.

Wardrobe - A good rule-of-thumb is to try and wear clothing that doesn't distracts from your face. Your clothes should be free of logos. You would also want to stay away from large prints and loud vibrant colours. Similar to nails, loud colours usually command the viewer's attention, Also, you should discuss wardrobe with your photographer before the shoot. Plus, all you intend to wear should be laid out, clean and ironed the night before. Wrinkle-free clothing will help your image look much more beautiful.

Red Eyes - Ladies and Gentlemen DO NOT get drunk the night before your shoot. Remember alcohol dehydrates and makes you slumber, sloppy and you will be yawning all the time.

Teeth - If you want to brighten your smile, start your treatments about two weeks before your shoot.

Sun burns and tan lines - Be mindful of clothing to hide any tan lines, Or else avoid getting sun burn/ tan in the first place, unless you want to.

Footwear - Ladies, nothing can go wrong in heels or wedges. Men, clean them up! Dress & shoes are best, but as with most things, let your momma (Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai.....LOL) or your wife decide.

Food - Ensure to eat something before you leave for your photo session. So, you're not hungry during the shoot. You will look better (Wont be Cranky), be more focused, and have the energy throughout the shoot. Stay away from coloured items/drinks, You wouldn't want to colour the lips, tongue, and teeth.