What is Photography?

Photography is an art form which allows us to convey a message, tell a story, sell a product, or to simply picturize how beautiful the place you have visited. Photography is a combination of creative visualization, skills, artistic ability and craftsmanship.

For some, it is a hobby, a passion, something to be enjoyed both in taking/making of the photo, and also sharing on social media. To select few, photography is a job, a duty, means to make money. For others they make their living doing what they love or are passionate about.

Photography is a continuous process that includes many things; there is challenge of learning new skills and techniques so as to create technically correct images.

Photos can be judged and enjoyed for their own unique photographic qualities, Photos have that element to captivate human mind and create historic event be it Tienanmen Square image of a lone man in front of a tank in 1989 or Syrian boy washed ashore on Turkish beach.

The camera gives you the means of capturing your unique way of seeing the world or a subject. It is a kind of time machine, which freezes the moment you choose(seems like camera gives you the power to Freeze !!!)

For some it is a tool to manipulate reality, to push their point of view. Photography is a powerful medium of propaganda (remember paid media) and persuasion.

For some its simply seek out beauty in the world to express in their own unique style, or as a mean of personal expression

Photography has some diverse activities and interests covered, none of which are better or more important than others.

As a beginner, it is helpful to keep an open mind, explore the different aspects of photography and try to learn something new every day !